For the love of Rugby League

Talking to Kevin Ferriby, Managing Director of Informed Financial Planning, two themes in his life become obvious. Firstly, his love for Rugby League, as a proud Hull Kingston Rovers supporter, and secondly, his enjoyment of cycling and endurance challenges.

It was following several knee injuries from playing Rugby League when he was younger that he found himself needing a new way to keep active. In his own words, Kevin despises swimming, so cycling was a great option as it was low impact for his knees.

The first challenge

It was six years ago that Kevin took part in his first endurance challenge – The Manchester 100. The ride covers 100 miles in a day and was the first time Kevin pushed himself to cycle over 40 miles in a bid to raise funds for the son of a former Rugby League player.

Kevin clearly enjoyed pushing his body to the limit and has followed this race up with not one, but two cross country events for various charities.

Rugby League Cares   

Rugby League Cares is a charity set up to help ex-players transition from being professional athletes, back into the regular work force, whether that’s supporting their mental health or providing ways to retrain and vary their skill set.

To help fund the work they do, last year Kevin, along with others, cycled from Manchester to Wembley stadium over five days, with 15,000ft of climbing thrown in there for good measure! However, his efforts paid off, as the team managed to raise £20,000 for the cause.

Earlier this year, Kevin set off again, this time from Huddersfield – home to Rugby League and of course, SimplyBiz – and headed for Wembley once more.

This year’s course covered around 340 miles, surpassing last year’s effort, with climbs of 18,000ft which is equivalent to sea level to Everest’s base camp. Unfortunately, things took a dramatic turn this year when, while travelling alongside his fellow riders including ex Rugby League star Robbie Hunter-Paul, Kevin had to make an emergency stop and as he did, something in his knee POPPED!

Following a short break, Kevin carried on cycling the rest of the 20 miles until the rest stop for the night. The next day, he managed to cover another 43 miles before being sent to A&E with a make shift ice pack secured to his leg with clingfilm.

Maybe no one wanted to offer him a croggy…as they say in Hull!

While he couldn’t finish the challenge this year, he still managed to raise an impressive £3,000 personally, and the group raised £38,000 in total, which is enough to fund the charity’s education programme for a whole year – well done team!

Having sustained no real damage to his knee, Kevin already has his sights set on next year’s extreme ride which is rumoured to be the longest yet, starting in Toronto and heading ‘the long way around’ as Kevin put it, to New York City! We hope you’re not planning on cycling there from Hull!

Well done on all your fundraising efforts Kevin. We wish you a speedy recovery, and best of luck for next year’s epic adventure across the pond!

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