George is hell bent for leather

It was 45 years ago that George first caught the motorcycle bug. Back then, he was riding a Raleigh Roundabout which, in his own words, ‘was more of a push bike with an engine…but I wish I still owned it today as it would be worth £££££!!!’

No matter what the first bike was, it certainly wasn’t the last, and motorcycle riding is something that George has continued to do throughout his life.

To satisfy his need for speed, George quickly traded up bikes, working his way up to a Honda 175 CD and then a cb 250. Not content with these bikes, and always looking for something faster, George progressed to a Suzuki GSXR750. 

Of course, every dog has its day and so did George’s bikes. Some of them met an untimely demise and George was considering not getting another after his much-loved Honda SP1 was smashed up doing a track day at the local Snetteron race track.

That was, until he decided to purchase one of the most iconic bikes of all – a Harley Davidson, Softail Heritage Springer.

George’s bike has not only taken him across the country, with coastal routes being his favourite way to while away the hours and to clear his head after a busy week of advising, but he’s also ventured further afield to Spain.

For 10 years, George would head across to Europe on his bike with a crew of almost 20, enjoying the best weather and the open road - he likens the experience to the John Travolta film, Wild Hogs.

Touch wood – George has only had two accidents in his 45 years and neither resulted in any serious injury. One such incident happened while George was taking part in track racing which his insurance wouldn’t cover,

‘You literally take your life into your own hands on this track!’

His bike at the time was totalled, but he escaped with all his limbs and bones in tact however, George can confirm his pride took a major dent that day.

Although the Harley was a dream bike which George spent the best part of 12 years riding, these days you’ll find him riding something entirely different.

The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheel motorcycle which has the same engine as the motor bike Rotex engine and originates in Canada. Back in the day, when George first started riding one, they were extremely rare, and no one seemed to be riding them. Now-a-days, they’re still very rare.

So, which does George prefer – the Harley or the Spyder?

“The first time I took the Spyder out, I think I went about 350 miles riding it back from Weymouth after spending 30 minutes test riding it around a supermarket car park, getting used to the steering - it was a dream! It’s fast, its powerful, it’s lighter than the Harley, super comfortable to ride and much more modern.

“It’s definitely my new favourite bike!” You don’t need a motor bike licence to ride this type, just a full car licence, and if you’re brave enough you don’t need to wear a helmet, although I always wear my crash helmet – just in case.”

Well, there you have it folks – the Spyder is the bike you all need to be investing in!

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