I want to be a racing driver when I grow up

A dream of many a youngster, but not many actually go on to realise that dream, especially when they end up with a rather demanding day job, but that certainly didn’t stop David Frankland of Peterborough based advisory firm Ringrose Grimsley.

We caught up with David to find out where it all began…

‘I always wanted to be a racing driver - it's a simple as that!’

Born in Huddersfield in 1956, David came from a farming community, so racing seemed a distant dream. After a few jobs (some more successful than others), financial advice came a-calling and in  1992, David started work as a financial adviser with Equity & Law Insurance and in 1998 joined Ringrose Grimsley as an IFA , taking over the practice in 2013.

So – where did racing fit in?

‘In 1998, I stated motorcycling racing and I still have the scars to prove it! After coming 9th and 10th in the national championships, I decided to move to race Porsche 924 and I haven’t looked back since!

In 2002, David moved to Radical Sports cars (le Mans type cars ) and in 2011, he won the series class! In 2018, David made the move to Porsche 911 and raced in the GT Cup (British GT series ). He also wanted to let us know that he’s currently leading his class at time of writing!

As well as racing, David also has his own International Race team -  Valour Racing, with his partner Ben. They have around 25 race cars in their factory and support drivers in all sorts of championships throughout UK & Europe.

For more on David’s exploits – check out https://valourracing.com/

David – all the best with the racing – keep us posted!!

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