Nicola's pastime is POLES apart from her day job

Nicola Goody works in a busy advice firm during the day but in her spare time, she’s passionate about pole dancing!

As a child, Nicola had a love of gymnastics but found that, as an adult, there were no classes available to her in Norfolk. Not wanting to give up on her fitness, Nicola decided to try a pole dancing class.

In just four years, Nicola has taken her fitness to new heights and has achieved a level 6, which is the highest grade you can achieve unless you’re looking to be a teacher. While the idea of teaching pole appeals to Nicola, unfortunately she just doesn’t have the time at the minute and enjoys working in the financial advice sector.

To stay at the top of her pole game, Nicola trains at least twice a week at the Firefly Poles in Norwich studio with her ‘pole family’ and usually spends a couple of hours at home training on her own pole.

We asked Nicola what it is that drew her to pole dancing and has kept her hooked for four years.

“Pole for fitness really is an amazing sport and it’s truly underrated compared to more traditional cardio options such as running. It really does get you in the best shape, as you’re using every muscle in your body. To be able to pull yourself up a pole, flip yourself upside down requires an enormous amount of strength before you even factor in trying to make a routine look effortless and like a dance.

“The beauty of pole is, that you’d don’t feel like you’re slogging away at an intense work out as you practice different moves, progress through different stages and put everything together in a dance routine.

“I’ve never seen results from training at the gym. I also find that, for my mental health it’s so beneficial. The training really tires me out, but I also get to express myself in routines. I wake up refreshed and ready to take on my day in the office as a result.

“Although I’m not looking to move into teaching, I would like to start competing in competitions. I’m hoping to enter Heir To The Chrome 2020.”

Beyond keeping fit, Nicola and the team at her pole studio use their skills to raise money for charities that are close to their hearts. Every year, they sell tickets to their Showcase and donate all the proceeds.

Previous recipients include Mind, as everyone involved in the showcase has experienced mental health issues, whether first or second hand. In a touching tribute to a member of their pole tribe, who sadly passed away at a young age, they adopted a snow leopard in her honour with the money raised.

We’d like to wish Nicola good look for her next showcase and her first competition next year!

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