Our very own motorcycle Champion

Trevor’s love of motorcycle racing started way back in 1976 and spans all the way to today. There’s been highs, lows, and a whole lot of speed in between.

At just 16, Trevor started racing grasstrack and long track. A true family affair, Trevor shared a solo with his dad, and competed on his own for several years and was beginning to show potential in the racing world.

That was, until 1982 when his racing career shifted, and took a different turn after his dad bought a side car. In late 1985 Trevor’s dad had a massive heart attack. Luckily, he survived but was unable to race again.

Keen to continue racing, Trevor took over the sidecar as driver and brought in his brother as the passenger to compete in the 1986 season.

Throughout the rest of the late 1980s the pair went onto compete in several major racing events, including the British Championships. Their 5th meeting was the British semi-finals, where the best riders from across the country come to race.

Trevor and Ron placed 6th which pushed them through to the finals. On the day, the pair secured 2nd place, an impressive achievement but more so when you consider this was only their 7th meeting.

There was no stopping them now, as the pair went on to compete in the 1987 Euro semi-final. Fresh off the success of the British Championships, the brothers headed to Germany where they sky-rocketed to victory at the Euro’s.

From 1987 – 2014, they held the record for being the only English team to have won the Euro’s and, to this day, are still 1 of only 3 English teams to have won a European round in the history of the class - something Trevor is very proud of, saying, ‘Of course, will always be the first!’

Clearly onto a winning combination, the pair were crowned four-time British Pairs Champions. Trevor almost secured the British Individual Championship in 1987 but was held back due to a broken collarbone.

Trevor has spent his life racing with his family by his side and has gone all over Europe with the sport – from France and Germany, to Holland. However, he’s showing no signs of stopping.

“I race in and help organise a fun class for riders who no longer compete in the main stream classes. It’s a new class that also introduces new riders at an entry level along with keeping older riders involved. We race all over the country and, I’m pleased to say, its now the fastest growing class in the sport.”

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also on the committee for the 500 Side Car Association and helps to organise and run multiple classes for the British Championships and the Euro Championships.  

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